DrupalCon Denver 2011 - Media derivatives: take control over your files

Derivatives API is a Drupal project I developed during this year's Summer of Code. It is a framework, that tries to implement a simple, reliable and powerfull framework for asset derivation in Drupal. It can cover a lot of different use cases. We are in the times of emerging new technologies of HTML5, mobile publishing, responsive web, ... I believe that Derivatives API has it's piece in a puzzle of support of this new technologies on Drupal. 

In cooperation with my mentor, Kevin Reynen, I proposed a session at DrupalCon Denver, where we'd like to present this project to the wider public. Session will cover basic functionalities of the project, some possible use cases and it's extension with your own plugins. 

Would you like to hear about this project on DrupalCon? Please vote for our session.

Do you have any suggestions or questions? Feel free to comment here or on session proposal.

Hope to see you in Denver!