Drupal 8 from my media perspective - update #3

It's been a while since my last post and with BADCamp behind us and some very nice improvements it seems a good timing for another update.

Note: Examiner.com (my employer and very well know enterprise Drupal 7 site) gives every developer a so-called "Drupal day" every other week. I am writing this blog post as part of it as I do some of my code contributions.


Not many changes here. We still need to fix:


We've been chasing HEAD a lot during past months. We can't guarantee that everything works at any given time, but we're trying to follow changes in core as frequently as we can.

  • entity_browser got quite a lot of love since my last post. @kmoll implemented drop-down widget selector and is now working on modal display plugin. I implemented entity reference widget and Views widget plugin. I also implemented iFrame display plugin. ATM we're able to create a view (or more of them), use drop-down to choose among them, select entities in them and got them propagated down to entity reference field. Nice. There is no configuraiton UI for now. In order to test one needs to import configuration manually. However, we've seen quite some progress in last month and I am super excited about this module. Still a long way to go, but we can now finally see something "real".
  • @primsi  implemented another media_entity plugin which handles local images. It knows how to import EXIF information and other nice stuff. Check media_entity_image.
  • crop is another module that we started around BADCamp. Based on a discussion in the issue queue we decided to isolate basic crop API (storage, basic image effect, storage integration, ...) in a separate module. This will allow different cropping solutions to base out of same API, which follows the same general approach as we're taking with the rest of media ecosystem in 8. I managed to work on this module a bit. We have entity type, image effect, integration plugins and their implementation for core files and media entity. Parts of that still live in pull requests on GitHub but should be mereged in the main repo today or tomorrow. 

Other stuff

@willyk has been working on initiative funding and organizational efforts.

In Amsterdam we decided that we want to organize 4 dedicated media sprints in 2015 (one in each quarter). Sprinting at events is great, but there are too many distractions to really focus on complex problems we're trying to solve. Organizing a dedicated sprint that focuses on media only should help us to focus and achieve some good progress. We will also set quarterly goals and clearly communicate them with the community. This will help us to focus on most important things at any given time.

Would you like to help organize, provide funds or attend one of those sprints? Make sure you let us know sooner rather than later!

How to get involved?

We have weekly scrums every Tuesday at 15:30 UTC. You can also find us on #drupal-media on Freenode or follow our updates on groups.drupal.org/media.