Drupal 8 media sprint @ DC Vienna

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DC Vienna was taking place last weekend with extending sprints on Monday and Tuesday. We started Drupal 8 media part of this great DrupalCamp on Saturday with a BoF. We discussed some of the current architectual decisions there and kicked-off a sprint that was happening on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We mostly worked on basic low-level things for media entity such as:

  • media entity definition,
  • entity create, update and edit forms,
  • media bundle definiton,
  • bundle create, update and edit forms,
  • fields configuration on media entity,
  • access controller (i.e. basic access control for media entity),
  • very basic views integration,
  • test coverage for current features.

There was also some UI related work done. We started to work on mocks for ediorial flow, which is probably the most important part of what we're doing.

Where are we

Currently we're able to create media entities that belong to the corresponding media bundles. We can attach fields to them, which menas that we can add local files (using core's fields). Once we have a media entity with local file attached to it we use entity reference field to attach that entity to a node. We can use standard display configuration to display media entity on a content: Media entity example

Where to go next

There is still a lot of work to do. We need to keep working on editorial experience, we need to improve views integration and use that to create media library, we still need to make some architecture decisions, etc. We can do work remotely, but it is quite clear that we achive most progress when attending sprints. For that reason we started to think about organizing a week-long sprint somwhere in central Europe in the beginning of next year. We would definitely like to attract more people. We're open to suggestions about the place and time of that sprint. Please comment on this post if you want to attend or host this sprint.

Thanks go to...

I would like to express special thanks to few people that helped us a lot during the sprint in Vienna:

  • Nguyễn Hải Nam (jcisio) - coding various things; specially media bundles and various forms
  • Vladan Djokic (vladan.me) - coding various things; specially access control and tests
  • Dragan Eror - UX mocks
  • Nenad Scuric (Nenad) - UX mock

Want to help?

Are you personally interested in media on Drupal or you run a Drupal company/shop and have to deal with funky media problems and desperately need a powerful and extensible solution for that? Are you able to dedicate some of your (or one or your employees) time to achieve that goal? You're more than invited to help!

We need you! No matter which skills you have! We need help with back-end and front-end development. We also need design/UX skills to create good editorial experience. Are you not a coder, but have good ideas? We need those!

You can reach us on #drupal-media or in Media entity issue queue. We also have online meetings every first Friday in a month (follow groups.drupal.org/media for announcements).