5 day challenge (i'm in!:)

Today Jakub Suchy proposed a really cool thing on his blog. Idea is about spending 30 minutes each day in the next week to contribute something to Drupal. He proves, that only 63 people doing this, can do as much work as an individual could do in a month.

Since I immediately loved this idea, I decided to join. Here is my plan for #d5dChallenge:

  • Day 1: improve Media derivatives API views support,
  • Day 2: write some docs for Media derivatives API,
  • Day 3: work on YouTube uploader engine for Media derivatives API,
  • Day 4: spend some time in Media issue queue; find some issue to review or submit a simple patch; find some issues I could help with during Media code sprint,
  • Day 5: do some research about Rules integration development and plan Rules integration for Media derivatives API.

What do you think about this list? You can also propose something else, if you think I should rather work on some other tasks during this week.

Will you join too? I hope there will be even more than 63 of us!