Why do we complain about Drupal media solutions? (AKA LFFAMHOAFA pt. 2)

This is second post in a series of blog posts related to my DrupalCon Prague session called "Let's fix file and media handling once and for all". In the first article I invited community to complete a survey.

In my first post I asked you to complete the survey about Drupal media. Response was great, as more than 200 members of our great community responded. One thing I was most interested in were most desired features and how successfully we handle those in various media solutions. Importance of each feature was between 1 (not important at all) to 5 (I can't live without it). I calculated average score and sorted them based on it. This are 10 most important ones (complete results can be downloaded below): 

  1. Embed media in WYSIWYG - 4.24
  2. Re-use of media - 4.23
  3. Site-wide media library - 3.98
  4. Ensuring accessibility (alt/title tags, captions, subtitles, transcriptions, ...) - 3.96
  5. Organize media in folders/categories - 3.85
  6. Seamless integration with remote media (FTP, HTTP, YouTube, Flickr, ...) - 3.73
  7. Search in media (in context of library and/or attach/usage workflow) 3.71
  8. Advanced formatting options/abilities (view modes, advanced file formatters, ...) - 3.67
  9. Add/edit metadata on file level (fieldable files) - 3.66
  10. Upload multiple files in one step - 3.65

The list didn't surprise me at all. I expected a bit different order, but the selection was in accordance with my expectations. There is, however, something that I find very interesting; at least 80% of this features are successfully implemented in Media/File entity, Scald and Asset. It seems like we have pretty powerful solutions, but we still complain about media handling being broken in Drupal. I am wondering why....

I am perfectly aware that features are not the single important thing. There is documentation, ease of use, content creator experience, development momentum etc. I certainly have my opinion about that, but I'd like to hear yours. Please leave comment below or tweet me...