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Strange behaviour (race condition) during node_save()


We have a bigger media website on Drupal 7 with an editorial team of ~20 members. Lately they started to complain about strange behavior when updating content on site. They said, that changes were not saved at all. If they opened a node form immediately after saving it Drupal served old (outdated) content. I first suspected Varnish, but it turned out that Varnish worked OK. Later I realized that the problem obviously lies in field cache

slovenskenovice.si - biggest Slovenian Drupal site

Slovenske novice are Slovenian national daily newspaper with largest circulation on national level. Last week we lunched redesign of it's web variant, which is a news portal with about 200.000 unique visitors and 4.5 million impressions per month. This numbers wil definetely become larger soon, as they have monthly growth between 10 and 15%.

DrupalCon Denver 2011 - Media derivatives: take control over your files

Derivatives API is a Drupal project I developed during this year's Summer of Code. It is a framework, that tries to implement a simple, reliable and powerfull framework for asset derivation in Drupal. It can cover a lot of different use cases. We are in the times of emerging new technologies of HTML5, mobile publishing, responsive web, ... I believe that Derivatives API has it's piece in a puzzle of support of this new technologies on Drupal. 

5 day challenge (i'm in!:)

Today Jakub Suchy proposed a really cool thing on his blog. Idea is about spending 30 minutes each day in the next week to contribute something to Drupal. He proves, that only 63 people doing this, can do as much work as an individual could do in a month.

Since I immediately loved this idea, I decided to join. Here is my plan for #d5dChallenge: