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DrupalCon Denver 2011 - Media derivatives: take control over your files

Derivatives API is a Drupal project I developed during this year's Summer of Code. It is a framework, that tries to implement a simple, reliable and powerfull framework for asset derivation in Drupal. It can cover a lot of different use cases. We are in the times of emerging new technologies of HTML5, mobile publishing, responsive web, ... I believe that Derivatives API has it's piece in a puzzle of support of this new technologies on Drupal. 

5 day challenge (i'm in!:)

Today Jakub Suchy proposed a really cool thing on his blog. Idea is about spending 30 minutes each day in the next week to contribute something to Drupal. He proves, that only 63 people doing this, can do as much work as an individual could do in a month.

Since I immediately loved this idea, I decided to join. Here is my plan for #d5dChallenge:

BoF about Media Derivatives API on DrupalCon Lonon

There will be a BoF session about Media derivatives API on DrupalCon London

I will present the current state of this project and planned roadmap during this BoF. I will also explain how to use it and how to develop plugins for it.

You are more than welcome also if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Screencast: HTML5 <video> support with multiple files using Media Derivatives API

Have you seen my previous screencast (Intro in Derivatives API)?

In this screencast I show how to easily support HTML5 <video> tag on all major browsers using two derivatives of source video, created by Derivatives API. This is a sample feature. It's purpuse is to show how Media Derivatives API works and should not be used in production envirnonment.


Screencast: Derivatives API intro (GSoC 2011)

In this screencast I want to show you basic workflow with Derivatives API, my Summer of code 2011 project. Derivatives API works with Media ecosystem and it's purpuse is to provide a solid and extensible framework for automated file derivations. 

You will also see how different plugins work and get an idea what should be possible to do with them.