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Real-time auto save with Phoenix LiveView

In the past weeks I spent quite some time working on BitQ&A; my side project that explores possibilities that digital currencies offer. BitQ&A is a Phoenix application that I initially created for the 2nd Bitcoin SV virtual hackathon. It was also the first project where I had an opportunity to try LiveView (brilliant tool that brings rich real-time UX to Phoenix).

Time to take some time off the Drupal community

When I joined the Drupal community I felt that I arrived in the enthusiastic, welcoming and positive environment. I felt that all contributions are appreciated and that we're all following more or less the same goal. This belief was also mostly the source of motivation for my extensive contributions to the Drupal 8 Media initiative in the past 4 years or so. This has dramatically changed in the last year or so and seems to be getting worse all the time.


Get ready for the Media workshop at Drupal dev days Seville

Tomorrow I'll be giving a workshop about the Drupal 8 media. As part of it we'll build a "media" site from scratch. We will start with the standard Drupal installation, add modules and configuration and see how far we can get.

If you are planning to attend the workshop and want to be fully productive I'd ask you to take some time and prepare your development environment. We will need Drupal 8 checkout with the following modules:


Possible solution for knowledge sharing in the Drupal 8 media domain

Drupal 8 has very good media handling support. Media team has (and still is) working hard to make Drupal the best CMS in the world when it comes to managing media. We have many modules in the contrib space that solve most of the common use cases in the domain. There is one problem though; there are many of them and some of them are quite complex and abstract. I've noticed that many times users struggle to completely understand what each module is responsible for, which features it comes with and specially how they all together fit into the bigger picture.