Google Code-in != Drupal

Google Summer of code is very well know in our community, but it is not the only Google's program for open source projects. Another interesting project is Code-in, which is focused on pre-university students aged between 13 an 17 years. It's goal is to promote open source between young people and to encourage them to participate. Code-in is a great opportunity for projects like Drupal to attract new enthusiasts that have potential to become good developers in the future.

Chx posted a post seeking group organizers for Code-in a while ago. As a former Drupal's SoC student and mentor I found Code-in very interesting, so I volunteered. I wrote an announcement asking people to propose task ideas and started working on application itself. The announcement was posted on g.d.o front page, Twitter, Drupal planet and my blog. In order to apply we needed at least 25 tasks and we would need between 125 and 175 if accepted. Unfortunately not a single proposal was posted. As a result we did not apply at all and we'll be only able to watch other projects recruiting potential future driving force.

I am perfectly aware of Drupal 8 and the fact that most of active contributors are currently focused on it's development more than 100%, but I was still a bit disappointed. We have quite a big community and I believe that we should be able to find 50 contributors that would propose 3 tasks each even in times like this. 

My intention is not to rant and spread negative energy. My primary goal is to rise awareness about this question and to improve our attitude to Code-in. I am still ready to help and I believe that we can succeed next year.